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OceanoScientific Expeditions
Coral Reefs 2023-2030

Discovering little-known sponges from the unexplored coral reefs

of Juan de Nova island - Indian Ocean - Eparses Islands - TAAF - France


Safeguarding the genetic data of these organisms

facing accelerated extinction as a result of the Sixth Extinction

Enhancing the value of molecules of unprecedented interest 

for new therapies for human Health and Well-being

and in favor of new environmental services

to help students gain access to the new professions of the Blue Economy

The OceanoScientific Expeditions 2023-2030 will focus on the coral reefs of Juan de Nova (France), located in the Mozambique Channel between Madagascar and Africa (Indian Ocean).

Juan de Nova - EV

This TAAF image of one of the five uninhabited Éparses Islands allows to observe

a reef site famous for its shipwrecks,  offering no shelter. 

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