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Tuesday 27 August 2017

Monaco Explorations

The Monaco Explorations campaign begins

HSH Sovereign Prince Albert II of Monaco took the initiative, as he announced in New York on June 7 at the UN headquarters as part of the Oceans Conference, to launch the Monaco Explorations- whose objective is to reconcile mankind and the sea on a long-term basis - in which he will personally participate, fully in keeping with the campaigns of his great-grandfather Albert I, Prince of Monaco. The Explorations have just begun in the North Atlantic, in the Macaronesia archipelagos, first to  Madeira, then Cape Verde, with the Yersin, a 76.60-meter (252-foot) long-haul and exploration vessel built by the Piriou Shipyards for François and Geneviève Fiat. The platform is tailored to meet the multiple needs of scientists who will take turns on board for three years during a world tour along the equator. Commanded by Jean Dumarais, the Yersin, which also capable of navigating the ice floes of the polar regions, is classified as a "clean ship": she can sail self-sufficiently for fifty days, including ten without rejecting any CO2 into the atmosphere. Monaco Explorationsare sponsored by the Explorers Club of the Yacht Club de Monaco, whose members include Yvan Griboval, Expeditions Director of the OceanoScientific association.

The Explorers Club of the Yacht Club de Monaco, sponsor of the Monaco Explorations, from left to right: Geneviève Fiat (owner of the Yersin), Bernard d'Alessandri (General Secretary and Managing Director of the YCM), Mike Horn, François Fiat (owner of the Yersin), François Sarano, Catherine Chabaud, Jacques Perrin, HSH Sovereign Prince Albert II of Monaco, Yvan Griboval (OceanoScientific Expeditions Director), Jean-Louis Etienne and Alvaro de Marichalar, on July 27th. 

Photo Sidney Guillemin - Monaco Explorations

At the initiative of Sovereign Prince Albert II, Monaco Explorations will visit some of the sites explored 116 years ago, in the case of Cape Verde, by Albert I, Prince of Monaco. As to the Yersin, the ship's name pays tribute to Alexandre Yersin (1863 - 1943), a Franco-Swiss bacteriologist and explorer, who was responsible for the discovery of the plague bacillus and the development of the first serum to cure the disease.


"My life has been a dream, from reading Tintin in my childhood and the ten years of work involved in designing and building the Yersin, culminating in this first achievement", explained François Fiat on 27 July, a few hours before sailing from the Yacht Club de Monaco. "But this is only the beginning of the adventure, which I am proud and honored to share with Prince Albert II and the Principality".


On the same day, Sovereign Prince Albert II of Monaco declared: "The Yersin is a unique ship. She has been fully designed from the start to operate with minimum impact on the seas and marine ecosystems. The scientific program selected will have several objectives, in particular to enhance our knowledge of the oceans and their problems in order to help search for local and international solutions, both from a practical and a political point of view. We are witnessing a moment that will remain in our memories, in those of the Principality of Monaco, in those of all the defenders of the seas".


The Monaco Explorations are sponsored by the Government of Monaco, the Centre Scientifique de Monaco, the Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco, the Institut océanographique, Fondation Albert Ier, Prince de Monaco, the Yacht Club de Monaco and private partners such as Monaco-Telecom, MonacoSat and Inmarsat.


Throughout the expedition, from 2017 to 2020, it will be possible to remain in contact with the Yersin, her crew and the dozens of international researchers who will succeed each other on board as part of the Monaco Explorations via the special website:

In Port Hercule, in front of the Yacht Club de Monaco, on July 27, a few hours before the Yersin set sail for a three-year campaign of scientific explorations in the wake of Albert I, Prince of Monaco.

Photo Mc Clic - Monaco Explorations

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