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To join OceanoScientific by donating a minimum of 50 €, it is to participate in the OceanoScientific Expeditions 2024-2030 in the French tropical islands, carried out under sail without CO2 emission on board the catamaran OceanoScientific Explorer named LOVE THE OCEAN, with three major objectives: 


OBJECTIVE A – Safeguard the genetic heritage of marine organisms threatened with extinction on French coral reef.


OBJECTIVE B – Build up a fantastic genetic database of marine organisms in the service of Science, Health, Well-being and the Environment.


OBJECTIVE C – Mobilize the widest audience, especially schoolchildren and students to become aware of the importance of the Ocean for their Future.

To join and to donate to OceanoScientific, it is to benefit from a fiscal advantage which allows to deduct from its taxes 60% (companies) or 66% (private individuals) of the sums paid to the association. An official legal certificate is given at reception of the donations.


For example, an annual subscription of 50 € costs only 20 € to a company or only 17 € to an individual, according to the French General tax Code.


To join OceanoScientific, it is to attend in VIP to the conferences and in preview to the projections of the reports and the documentaries of Yvan Griboval and the scientists engaged in these oceanographic campaigns.


To join OceanoScientific, it is to have a priority access to the LOVE THE OCEAN online store where are sold the pieces of luggage numbered, signed and realized in limited number with the sails used during the OceanoScientific Expeditions, as part of circular economy operations.


To join OceanoScientific, it is to receive the information concerning the OceanoScientific Expeditions 2023-2030 in priority, at the same time as the media.

I am aware that the statutes and the rules of procedure are at my disposal at the association’s headquarters or that they will be sent to me free of charge on written request. I am aware of members’ obligations and I am committed to respecting them. I am aware that my personnal data, as transmitted through my membership, are protected by the French Law n° 78-17 of 6th January 1978, related to data, files and freedoms.  

My payment constitutes accordance of these conditions.


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