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The FAçade Méditerranéenne EXemplaire - FAMEX 2030 program is a winner of the fourth Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir (PIA4).


Supported by the University of Toulon and piloted by the Campus des Métiers et Qualifications d'excellence (CMQe) - Économie de la Mer - Région Sud, the aim of this project is to accelerate the adaptation of skills and the anticipation of new professions generated by the greening of the marine economy.


FAMEX 2030 is in line with two of the ten objectives of the FRANCE 2030 plan and translates into:

- AXIS 1: Fisheries & Aquaculture for a sustainable food supply

- AXIS 2: Decarbonized Marine Mobility & Clean Ports 


The aim is to support the energy transition and adaptation to climate change.


The Tour MER & MÉTIERS - Revealing the vocations of Tomorrow, set up as part of the FAMEX 2030 program, aims to promote the skills of the future and the new professions of the Blue Economy.


Chaired by Yvan Griboval, who was involved in the FAMEX 2030's conception and application, OceanoScientific is one of the 26 Members of the FAMEX 2030 Consortium. It is the operator of the catamaran LOVE THE OCEAN, the FAMEX 2030 sailing totem base.

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