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Wednesday 6 December 2023

LOVE THE OCEAN is back in its element

The Grand Départ ceremony for the first OceanoScientific Coral Reefs Expeditions 2023-2030, scheduled Thursday 21 December at 2:30 pm from the Yacht Club de Monaco's pontoon of honor, is approaching, and it was time to launch the OceanoScientific Explorer named LOVE THE OCEAN, after more than three months of hard work ashore at Port Navy Service - a technical stopover listed by Club Lagoon. The Lagoon 570 oceanographic catamaran was back in its element early afternoon on Tuesday 5 December. It will return to the port of La Grande Motte on Sunday 10 December for the installation of the 2,000-watt solar panels. Equipped in this way, the catamaran will be self-sufficient in natural energy, enabling it to carry out its OceanoScientific Expeditions both along the Mediterranean coastline, collecting environmental DNA (eDNA), and in the Indian Ocean, its destination in March 2024, after around 60 to 70 days of non-stop sailing. From mid-September to mid-December next year, it will once again become the sailing totem base for the Tour MER & MÉTIERS - Revealing the vocations of Tomorrow in the Mediterranean and Atlantic.


The catamaran Lagoon 570 LOVE THE OCEAN was back in its element Tuesday 5 December on the dock

of Port Navy Service (Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, France) after more than four months ashore to prepare

for the upcoming OceanoScientific Expeditions. Photo OceanoScientific

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Our Mission

Thanks to the financial contribution of its patrons and partners, the philanthropic association of general interest OceanoScientific :


Bears witness, raises awareness and educates the widest possible audience so that one and all RESPECT and LOVE THE OCEAN and its biodiversity for the benefit of future generations;


Contributes to the implementation of oceanographic sailing expeditions without CO2 emission in regions of the seas that have seldom been explored if at all, to increase knowledge of the Ocean, of the causes and consequences of climate change and pollution;

Concentrates its efforts to participate in the safeguarding of the genetic heritage of marine organisms threatened with extinction, in particular those of coral reefs, by promoting their virtuous valuation for the benefit of Health and Well-being in compliance with the Protocol of Nagoya;

Implements all actions intended to mobilize young people in their school cycle and higher education to encourage them to develop careers related to the Ocean, while respecting the Nature;

Acts in accordance with the standards and recommendations of United Nations (UN) agencies and the international scientific community, in conjunction with non-governmental organizations dedicated to the knowledge and preservation of the Ocean and its biodiversity.

"Love, Respect and Explore the Ocean, then bear witness and share,

to promote its preservation to the benefit of future generations."

Yvan Griboval

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