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Wednesday 2 October 2019

The 2020 OceanoScientific Southern Winter Expedition is on!

On Friday, 27 September, during the Monaco Yacht Show, Dr. Elena Ambrosiadou, a Founding Member of the OceanoScientific Monegasque philanthropic association domiciled at Yacht Club de Monaco, welcomed its President, Yvan Griboval and its Delegate General, Cécile d'Estais, aboard the superb S/Y MALTESE FALCON (88 m / The second largest sailing yacht in the world) for an official presentation of the 2020 OceanoScientific Southern Winter Expedition (June - September) for some forty guests, partners and patrons already committed to supporting this zero-CO2 oceanographic sailing campaign, or about to do so. The occasion provided an opportunity to discuss the Round-The-World Tour from Monaco to Monaco including a complete tour around Antarctica non-stop (see map). The voyage has never been achieved since Humankind has gone to sea, a fortiori for oceanographic purposes. It was also an opportunity to discuss the new OceanoScientific Explorer: an 80-foot (24.40 m) Botin Partners design built entirely of carbon at Cookson Boats in New Zealand, christened BEAU GESTE at her launch in 2013, then re-named CABRÓN after being based in San Diego - where Yvan Griboval and his team went to try her out at the beginning of September, before signing the contract to purchase the sailboat.

The 2020 OceanoScientific Southern Winter Expedition (June - September) consists of a world tour, completed with an integral tour of Antarctica in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current with an entry / exit point on the 40th Southern parallel.

Map after Athelstan Frederick Spilhaus


OceanoScientific Expedition

2016-2017 OceanoScientific Expedition route

Re-live the 2016-2017 OceanoScientific Expedition (November 2016 - June 2017), a  scientific solo sailing expedition under the three capes by reading the 27 newsletters written by Yvan Griboval on board the OceanoScientific Explorer "Boogaloo".


The OceanoScientific Campaigns start and finishe in Monaco, in the wake of Prince Albert I.

Our Mission

The philanthropic association and registered charity OceanoScientific bears witness, raises awareness and educates the widest possible audience on the causes and consequences of climate change and plastic pollution and call for one and all to respect, love and preserve the Ocean and its biodiversity for the benefit of future generations.


OceanoScientific conducts oceanographic observations according to the standards and recommendations of United Nations agencies and the international scientific community in regions of the seas seldom explored if at all as in the windswept corridor of the 40th to 60th Southern parallels under the three great capes of Hope, Leeuwin and Cape Horn.


OceanoScientific contributes to the global reach of the Principality of Monaco and promotes its actions to safeguard the Environment.


Patronage is a vital source of funding for these actions.










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